“Teaching Practical Spirituality”

Candle on a background of positive wordsAre you looking for a spiritual path?
Or are you already on a path but want to take it deeper?
Do you feel “spiritual”, but not necessarily “religious?”
Do you have a feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye, but not quite sure how to experience it?
Do you believe the Universe is conspiring on your behalf, or would you like to believe it?
We do too!

This Center is about experiencing life more fully, through the practical use of spirituality.  And here’s how we do it:

We Teach:  Using the Principles taught by Unity and Religious Science, we take seemingly complex philosophical subjects like the nature of “God,” and our relationship with It, and make them understandable for practical daily usage.  No matter what issues you have in your life, you can meet them from a higher perspective, resulting in a more fulfilling life outcome.  To see which classes are coming up next, click Classes and Meetups.

We Speak:  Using the Bible as our Sacred Text, we use the allegorical and metaphysical interpretations of the scriptures to understand our unfolding spiritual journey.  The stories and lessons from the Bible are as alive and meaningful today as they were thousands of years ago – if we have the key to understand them.  Click  the Inspiration tab for the most current example of a practical application of Scripture, making it alive for us here and now.

We Coach:  Using simple techniques and practices, people can gain clarity about their life direction and purpose.  Notice we said “simple” and not “easy.”  Sometimes to make even the simplest changes in our lives requires a lot of effort to overcome our habitual thought and feeling patterns.  We provide coaching through a variety of modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT,) Ho’Oponopono, Reiki, and Spiritual and Life Coaching.  To learn more about coaching, click Spiritual and Professional Coaching.

To learn more about learn more about Eileen Ramsey, Religious Science Minister and Licensed Unity Teacher, click About the Ministry