Rev. Eileen Ramsey, R.Sc.Min, L.U.T., President/Director

Eileen Ramsey
Eileen Ramsey

Eileen Ramsey is an Ordained Religious Science Minister (since 2006), a Licensed Unity Teacher (since 2015), a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher.  She is also the President/Director of River Run Spiritual Center.

She has a passion for helping others understand Spiritual Law for practical use in their daily lives and  helping people live their dreams and transform their lives.  Through her background as a Minister, Licensed Teacher, Professional Coach and Ho’oponopono practitioner, she has personally witnessed many seemingly “miraculous” transformations, in her own life and in the lives of others.  Inspired by Myrtle Fillmore’s story and the transformations in teachers like Terry McBride, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, she truly believes if we can conceive of anything – a healthy body, a prosperous financial situation, the perfect career and self-expression – we can, and will, achieve it.

She earned her BBA at the University of San Diego and worked in the financial software field for many years.  Rev. Eileen completed training with Fowler Wainwright International (now Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching) in 2013 to become a Certified Professional Coach.  In addition to Life and Spiritual Coaching, she has led numerous personal development workshops, retreats and classes on the subject of prosperity, including 4-T – Tithing of Time, Talent and Treasure for Prosperity and the Fullness of Life (Stretton Smith,) 4-T for the 21st Century (an adaptation of Stretton Smith’s work by Shannon Smith Steuer and Michael Moran,) Keys to the Kingdom (David Owen Ritz,) Prosperity (Charles Fillmore,) Prosperity Plus – A New Way of Living (Mary Morrissey,) The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace Wattles,) and The Secret of Unlimited Prosperity (Catherine Ponder.)

She has lived in Northern California with her husband Jim and their three cats since 2014.

Cathy Schwanke, L.U.T., Secretary/Director

Cathy Schwanke is a Licensed Unity Teacher in the area of Adult Education, a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and is currently working on her EFT Practitioner Certification. Cathy worked for 14 years at UCOH and retired in March of 2016. Cathy has been married to Doug for 30 years and has 4 grown children. She enjoys teaching EFT, all Unity Classes and the manifestation processes.

Jim Ramsey, Treasurer/Director