Book Review

by Rev. Eileen Ramsey

“The Lazarus Blueprint, Ancient Secrets for Healing and Inner Peace”
by MaryAlice and Richard Jafolla

This easy to read book contains six steps for overcoming seemingly impossible situations. In this review, I’m focused on just one step, heart-felt gratitude.

We usually give thanks for gifts, acts of kindness, and positive situations after we have received them. It’s considered a common courtesy to acknowledge the gift or kindness, and express that acknowledgement with some form of thank you. In the Gospel of John 11:38-44, the story of Lazarus’ coming back to life, Jesus thanks God before the miracle takes place. Jesus knew that by thanking in advance the right thing would follow.

Jesus also “looked upward,” and not into the cave which held Lazarus’ body meaning that you can’t solve the problem with the same thoughts, behaviors and habits that created the problem. If we can’t look beyond our problem, then we need to look “upward.” We need to call on our faith – the belief in something greater than ourselves, beyond our intellectual, three-dimensional, five-sensory understanding. If we are experiencing our own “cave” situation, and we have exhausted all the possibilities that seem available to us, then we need to “look upward” and ask for help, giving thanks in advance of the answer.

In “The Lazarus Blueprint,” the authors tell us that true gratitude is not a courteous response. True gratitude is an emotion, an instinctive reaction, which cannot come from the intellect. It comes from deep within our hearts. We can always give thanks, with faith that God hears us and always hears us. And we can depend on God for the right answer. God’s perspective on life is far superior to ours, and God’s direction for us, should we choose to follow it, always leads to the right outcome for the good of all concerned. Thanking in advance is a form of sincere gratitude that knows that the right thing will follow. What we think is the right thing with our intellect may not actually be for the best interest of all concerned. We must trust with faith that God will bring about the right thing for the highest good of all concerned.

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Book Review

by Beth Middlebrooks

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo

“The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho, is a book I’ve read and listened to numerous times. It’s a book that finds people just when they need it most. The journey of young Santiago to find his personal legend has impressed something different on me each time I read it. It’s a wonderful modern fable about following your dreams. Coelho’s sweet story reminds the reader that the journey and all its detours have magical treasures if you are open to enjoying the ride. This book is full of inspiration, omens and universal wisdom.


You can find “The Alchemist” here.

Book Review

by Cathy Schwanke

“The Secret Language of Angels,” by Kathy Mursch

I love Angels. No surprise there, I have talked with my Angels since I was little. A quick walk around my house and you will see an angel on darn near every shelf. When this book popped on to my radar, I took notice as I had just asked for guidance!

Mursch gives very practical, easy guidance on how to communicate with your Angels. She doesn’t veer on to the woo-woo side, which is much appreciated. She gives concrete steps to develop one’s ability to talk to your angel. She clearly defines the 5 different languages that Angels use; Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Knowing and Dreams and Visions. Each chapter explains what it is like to communicate in that form and how to develop that language.

I appreciated her assertion that each person can communicate with their Angels. She explains we don’t need an intermediary or an expensive programs to receive guidance. We can be our own teacher with the help of our Angel.
I read the entire book in one sitting. It reaffirmed for me what I had experienced through my life as Angel communications. I am reading it again, slowly this time. I am doing the examples she suggests for communicating clearly in all the modalities.