Foundations of Unity (HTS 100) begins January 7, 2020

HTS 100 “Foundations of Unity”

Socrates said, “Know thy self.” Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore said, “Know who and what you are, where you came from, what you are doing here, and where you are going. If you want to know all this, meditate on the I AM.” – (Charles Fillmore, Talks on Truth, p. 76)
To better understand Unity Principles, and our relationship with the Divine, UWSI has combined the classes of two metaphysical pioneers, Dr. H. Emilie Cady and Eric Butterworth into “Foundations of Unity.” This course is designed to be the first course students take when embarking on any of the UWSI’s learning paths. Using the fundamental principles presented in Lessons in Truth, and Discover the Power within You, we will endeavor to incorporate these ideals into our daily living.

Instructor: Eileen Ramsey, RSc Min, LUT
What: HTS Foundations of Unity SEE accredited and required for LUT licensing
When: Tuesday, January 7 through Tuesday, February 4 at 7:00 PM Central Time (This format will consist of one hour of online group participation and one hour self-study.)
Where: Online, using the Zoom platform
Why: Because life can be oh, so much more than meets the eye!
Required Texts: Lessons in Truth, by H. Emilie Cady, Discover the Power within You, by Eric Butterworth, and Revealing Word, by Charles Fillmore. (RW is also available online at, hosted by Mark Hicks, LUT)
Registration: Tuition $70.00

If you take this class for SEE Credit, you must also register at UWSI for an additional fee: (Coming soon) SEE Credit Registration Fee $45

Schedule for 2020

Health and Wholeness (HTS 135) – 2/11/2020 -3/10/2020, Cathy Schwanke, LUT
Twelve Powers (HTS 125) – 3/17/2020 – 4/14/2020, Rev. Eileen Ramsey, LUT
Self Awareness (SPD-110) – 4/21/2020 – 5/19/2020, Cathy Schwanke, LUT
Metaphysics 1 (HTS 105) – 5/26/2020 – 6/23/2020, Rev. Eileen Ramsey, LUT
Metaphysics 2 (HTS 110) – 6/30/2020 – 7/28/2020 , Cathy Schwanke, LUT
Metaphysics 3 (HTS 115) – 8/04/2020 – 9/01/2020, Rev. Eileen Ramsey, LUT
Metaphysics 4 (HTS 120)- 9/08/2020 – 10/06/2020 , Cathy Schwanke, LUT