Awareness, Healing and Transformation

Secret of Instant HealingA “Healer” Calling

Have you ever felt the call to becoming a “healer?” Or perhaps you already practice a mainstream or alternative healing modality, or are the patient of one. My own healing journey began when I was eight years old, and realized that I could use illness as a tool to avoid difficult situations. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the wisdom or maturity to realize what I was doing, and created a lifestyle that would cause injury and illness as an escape from difficult or uncomfortable situations until I was well into my 40’s.

While lying in a hospital bed following a surgery to repair a ruptured spinal disk, (hey, it kept me home from a stressful traveling job,) a realization dawned on me. Unknowingly, I was creating physical illness (or ruptured disk) in response to stressful situations. When I mentioned this realization to my mother, who sat by my bedside, she simply replied, “Well, good. Don’t do it anymore.” And thus began my journey into Religious Science, Unity, Reiki, and a profoundly new way of relating to life.

“The Secret of Instant Healing”

River Run Spiritual Center began facilitating a class this past Tuesday evening called, “The Secret of Instant Healing”, which is based on a book of the same name by Dr. Frank J. Kinslow. He is a chiropractic physician, a Doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling, and the originator and teacher of “Quantum Entrainment”.

In the class, we are learning a modality called “Quantum Entrainment,” which is a method for awakening us to our own inner awareness. When we become more familiar with what the author calls, “pure awareness,” we naturally feel better in every way. If we are less familiar with the experience of pure awareness, we may experience disorder in our bodies, in our thinking, in our experiences, and so on.

Early in the book, Dr. Kinslow asks, “Have you ever run out of thoughts? One thing we can say about thoughts is that from our first breath to our last, they are always there.” He goes on to explain how our thoughts are energy forms. And if our thoughts are energy and we never run out of them, then it would follow that the source of thoughts would be inexhaustible energy also.

What he calls “Pure Awareness” is the source of energy and order, the original source of our thoughts, and ultimately, the source of our perfection and body, mind, and spirit health. We know this already, right? “Pure Awareness” is another term for the “I AM,” God-Mind, Allness, Universe, Source, etc.

So Many Thoughts

But if the original Source of our thoughts is pure and perfect, why is it that we sometimes have a “bad day” or a “bad week?” Why is it that when something triggers us, we (okay, I) spend several days processing the same thoughts over and over again? Researchers tell us we think between 60 – 70 thousand thoughts each day, 95% of which are repetitive, and 80% of those are negative! Can you imagine spending each day revisiting the 45 thousand negative thoughts, wondering why “it” happened; what I could have done differently; who is to blame for this tragedy; I should have said this; that person should have done that; and so on. Well, it’s true! We do!
Talk about inexhaustible supply of thoughts, most of which were negative! But only life-affirming thoughts come from pure awareness. So what happened?

Dr. Kinslow explains that ideas come from Pure Awareness, and pass through the layers, filters, biases and predispositions our subconscious minds until they finally break on the surface of our conscious minds. And the closer our subconscious and conscious awareness is to Pure Awareness, the purer and clearer the thought. (We will come back to this thought in a minute.)

It All Begins with an Idea

Everything in creation was brought forth from the unseen into the physical. Every physical thing you experience using one or all of your five senses began as a thought in the mind of the creator/inventor. And the person with the idea followed the idea through to the physical manifestation of the object. It was first created in the mind (unseen,) and then in the three-dimensional, physical world.

For example, I had an idea that I could sing. More correctly, I knew I could hit all the required notes while hollering. I didn’t have any idea how to sing well, and only considered myself a singer if I could hide in the back of a big choir. And then I met the most wonderful woman who coached the idea of “better singer” into my consciousness and out of my vocal chords. After a year and a half, I was better able to tell a story to music, in notes only dreamed-of previously.

Alice and I had very different ideas on what “singer” meant. Hers was much closer to the Pure Awareness idea of “singer” than mine when we started. But after much practice and prayer, my idea started to reshape itself toward its original state in Pure Awareness.
Dr. Kinslow suggests we think of these inexhaustible ideas originating from Pure Awareness as bubbles rising from the floor of a pond. The closer the idea is to its source, the purer it is (i.e., “excellent singer.”) The farther the thought has to travel from its source to our conscious mind, the more distorted it becomes (i.e., “hollerer.”)

So as students of practical spirituality, we want to get our subconscious and conscious minds closer to the original source of the ideas. But how do we do this when our minds are being bombarded by news, followed by bad news, interspersed with “fake” news, PLUS the 45 thousand negative thoughts we have been regurgitating forever?

“Where Will My Next Thought Come From?”

Using a very easy first exercise, the class and I got still, closed our eyes, and simply observed our thoughts. We didn’t try to “white light” the thoughts, we didn’t try to “think positively.” We just observed for about two minutes. And then Dr. Kinslow told us to ask ourselves, “Where will my next thought come from?” And then we were asked to stay alert for the answer.

We noticed there was a “gap” or pause between the last thought and the next one, when we asked the question. And what was in the gap? Nothing. No thought, no emotion, no form, no things. We did this for several minutes, asking a slightly different question each time. (If you want to try this, the exercise is available in his book.)

We observed that our minds became quieter, and our bodies more relaxed. We just “felt better” after the exercise. The “gap,” Dr. Kinslow explained, is the realm of Pure Awareness, the source of energy and order, the original source of our thoughts, and ultimately, the source of our perfection of body, mind, and spirit health.

And the more our awareness of Pure Awareness expands, the more we heal our own bodies, minds, spirits, and the bodies, minds, and spirits of our loved ones and the world.

More on this adventure next week!