The Space Between Our Thoughts

“Thoughts are things. They stick to the walls.” Maya Angelou
Happy November! “The Space Between Our Thoughts” refers to an exercise based on the book, “The Secret of Instant Healing”, by Dr. Frank J. Kinslow. In the exercise, we pause our conscious minds and become the observer, watching for the birth of our next thought. This exercise is easy, fun, and is a necessary precursor to becoming aware of what Dr. Kinslow calls “Pure Awareness.” (It’s in the book and shared later in this article.)

When we become more familiar with Pure Awareness, he says we naturally feel better in every way. If we are less familiar with the experience of pure awareness, we may experience disorder (illness, disease) in our bodies, in our thinking (anger, confusion, worry, etc.,) in our experiences (chaos, financial stress, poor relationships,) and so on.

Early in the book, Dr. Kinslow asks the question, “Have you ever run out of thoughts? One thing we can say about thoughts is that from our first breath to our last, they are always there. So, if thoughts are energy, and we never run out of them, then it stands to reason that the source of thought is an inexhaustible source of energy. And we might benefit greatly if we could tap into the source of thought.” (p. 12 –13)

While being neither energy nor order (matter,) Pure Awareness is the source of all energy and order, the original source of our thoughts, and ultimately, the source of our perfection and body/mind/spirit health. While Dr. Kinslow keeps his discovery and practice secular, Pure Awareness could easily refer to the Allness of God, the I AM within us, the “Christ Consciousness” within, that center of wisdom and life that heals us and guides us. It is that which is our true essence and so much more.

Who am I really?
We also have a mind – which is the container of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. He says we tend to identify with our thoughts about who we are, and with all those things like age, gender, likes, hopes, and memories that we call our life. Dr. Kinslow then helps us become aware of who we really are, the essence of Pure Awareness, and not the collection of beliefs we think make you, you and me, me.

Dr. Kinslow shared an interesting meditation experience in which he observed the source of his thoughts. (p. 15 – 16.) The farther the thought got away from Pure Awareness, the more distorted it can become. Negative thoughts don’t start out that way. Starting as harmonious, innocent and pure, they have many layers of consciousness to get through before we even become aware of them consciously. And some of those layers are in our consciousness and in the collective unconscious.

So if we could expand our consciousness in such a way as to contact a thought closer to its origin, then we would diminish the likelihood of disharmony. And because the message of capturing thoughts closer to their source has been repeating in New Thought Ancient Wisdom throughout history, the question becomes not what, but rather, how to capture them.

Since Pure Awareness is beyond our conscious mind, just comprehending it is out of the question. We must experience it. But to experience it requires the mind, and it’s beyond the mind, so… it cannot be experienced. It can be non-experienced, though.

The Cat Watching the Mouse Hole
It’s possible to go to the “space between our thoughts” to have an experience, or rather, non-experience of Pure Awareness. So let’s do a little exercise. (p. 22) Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Now pay attention to your thoughts. Just follow them wherever they may lead for the next minute or two.

Now, be very alert to see what happens right after you ask this question: “Where will my next thought come from?”

Become like the cat watching the mouse hole…

Do it again. Ask yourself, “Where will my next thought come from?”

Are you becoming calmer as you notice the space between the thoughts? By being aware, we are able to contact our thoughts at subtler and more refined levels. The gap between the thoughts is the non-experience of Pure Awareness.

Who is watching the gap?
Now, the question becomes, who is watching the gap? If our minds contain all our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, who is there to become aware of the gap between thoughts? Who is watching when the mind disappears?

That collection of thoughts, feelings and beliefs about who we are ceases to exist the moment our thoughts stop. In the moment when the mind is turned off, we are aware of nothing but pure awareness. So we, too, must be awareness.

My Mind thinks I’m still 35…
If we think back over our life at 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on, our bodies have changed, our experience has changed, but there is a part of us that has remained unchanged throughout all the phases of our lives. While our body/mind was busy becoming what it is today, our awareness stood in silent vigil.

Why is this important to realize? When we come to appreciate our inner Self as unchanging, unbounded, eternal awareness, our dependence upon our aging bodies and minds begins to loosen its hold. We become aware of the possibility that we can surpass the field of change and even death. We realize that beyond all the things and thought that “me” is, we eternally exist as awareness. And we can start living as awareness now.