Becoming a regular feature

at RRSC!



On March 26, we had a delightful online visit with Kathy Mursch, author of “The Secret Language of Angels – What Every Christian Should Know about God’s Holy Messengers.”   Her life purpose statement is “I am a healer with the gift of transforming lives.”  And indeed, she does!  Additionally, she shared that her work is to “empower others to find their own answers with the help of God and His holy angels.”  Kathy shared with us several angel stories not included in the book, and gave us a high-level overview of the five “languages” the angels use to communicate with us. Whether you are familiar with angels or not, her book is a delightful read, with many practical exercises, reflections and prayers to help us develop a closer relationship with God. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s available at Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon.