Mission Statement

We empower spiritual growth in people by modeling and teaching universal spiritual principles.

Vision Statement

Using available technology, we teach and offer our spiritual principles of practical Christianity to a global audience.

Core Values

We believe God is All, in all, through all, and as all. Therefore, we are inter-connected with all people and all life. We love and honor all expressions of the Divine and reach out to the global community through the internet with compassion and respect.

We believe Jesus was our greatest teacher, and therefore, education is a cornerstone of our ministry. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible courses of study to inspire the learner to commune more closely with God, our Source.

By shifting our awareness from personal self to Inspired Self (an expression of the Divine,) our life experiences become deeper, richer and more meaningful. As we actively seek to transform, limiting belief patterns diminish, and we freely create lives of fulfillment and joy.

Joy is an unconditional feeling that arises from God-Consciousness. As we actively live our spiritual principles, we uncover the deep wellspring of joy inherent in us from God, our Source. We give and receive joyously and gratefully, celebrating life, love, peace, and abundance.

A Course in Miracles tells us that there is only Love or a call for Love. And no matter which it is, the appropriate response is Love. It is in loving that all healing takes place and where our true power resides. We choose to live from our heart-centered awareness. As we express the love that we are, we become open channels through which more love finds expression.