Change Happens

Falling LeavesChange is in the Air

The weather is turning cooler in the Northern California valley. Summer’s temperatures have dropped from triple digits to highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s. Daylight grows shorter and the trees are beginning to drop their leaves. Change is in the air…

I had long wondered how my ministry would evolve. I had always envisioned a “brick and mortar” church or chapel in which to serve. That vision, though, tended to conflict with my retired husband Jim’s desire to pick up and travel. Fortunately, I had long held the belief that in life, I must be open to guidance about my spiritual calling.

Holding the vision, “this or something greater,” a long buried idea resurfaced in my mind. What if I started a virtual church, one without physical walls, reaching across the country and, eventually, the globe? Wow! Instantly, my creative personal mind piped up with exceptions that I quickly dismissed: What would that look like? What are your credentials and experience in this area? How can you afford the internet software you will need? Who do you think you are? (That’s a popular one that I answer regularly with, “I am God’s offspring and heir to the Kingdom!”) I knew two things: if I was receiving guidance, I would have to change my paradigm for ministry, and the means for fulfilling it would appear.

And River Run Spiritual Center was born. Beginning primarily as a teaching ministry, doors opened to affordable online conferencing software and internet capability. With this ability, I could teach in an online environment in which class participants could see and interact with each other, view my desktops and videos, join together in small groups and then rejoin the larger group, and generally participate as if we were in a physical classroom. And we could participate from the comfort of our homes!

About That “Never” List

The next change came when Jim and I decided to purchase a travel trailer. Now, I have to say, owning and vacationing in a travel trailer was on my “never” list. (I have since tossed out that list, because so many items on it have come to pass…) There we were in the dealership, looking at a new-to-us rig, and all my objections to purchasing it oddly vanished. Normally, I would have objected because of price, because of our rule to carry no debt, because of the “never” list, etc., but there I sat, as if an off switch was flipped on the objections. I couldn’t think of a single reason not to purchase the rig.

And then another idea bubbled up. Jim wanted to travel, and I wanted to go with him. But with a teaching ministry, I needed to be home with the Wi-Fi signal. Or did I? With a little research and a call to Verizon, Jim switched us to “unlimited data” so I could use my phone’s personal hotspot to create a traveling Wi-Fi signal and with it, the ability to teach from anywhere that has cell phone signal. Wow! Oh Wow!

I remembered thinking years ago when I was first in Ministerial School, how cool it would be to have a traveling ministry. How cool, indeed. River Run Spiritual Center’s presence changed again. It became a traveling ministry, too.

And that change reminded me we are ever in the flow of God’s Life.

“In The Flow of Life”

In his book, “In the Flow of Life,” Eric Butterworth reminds us we are a child of the universe. We do not walk our path of life alone. The whole universe walks with us. Its dynamic flow is ever expressing as each one of us. Thus health or prosperity is not something we can “get” in pills, potions, or things. We cannot even get them metaphysically in prayer. We cannot get health. We cannot get affluence. We can only be health, be affluence, which, in God’s Mind, is the normal condition for us.

Thus, says Butterworth, we are a child of the universe, the offspring of God. No matter what other influences, incidental facts, he calls them, may have left their marks on us from the outside, there is that of us that is begotten only of God, which is forever the “flowering” or “flowing” of the divine flow from the inside. This is the fundamental Truth. All else are incidental facts.

When we begin to grasp that God’s Presence, Wisdom, Understanding and Guidance permeates and penetrates everything – all the interspaces of the universe – we begin to understand that this thing we call “God” is the only permanence there is. We begin to realize communication between God and us is constant, waiting for us to notice.

And we can communicate with it, for fulfilling outcomes. The key for us is to follow the flow of inner guidance. It can be called intuition, ESP, gut-instinct, etc. However, those terms tend to deny the inherent flow of guidance in humankind that is just as natural as the instinct in animals.

Pray, Meditate, Act

As we pray, and then take time for quiet reflection, we come into harmony with all of life. We no longer find ourselves asking questions like, “what am I supposed to be doing,” or “I know I was called to Ministry, but now what?” or “What is my purpose in life,” or “Why am I so incredibly talented, and how can I share this talent with others?”

In other words, we won’t need to question the purpose of our lives because we already know that by opening to the inner guidance and then acting on it, our lives become fuller and richer. We realize that part of our commitment to life is to give up our dependence on human logic and rely on Divine Law – in every situation.

Butterworth further states that the great truth taught by the mystics of all ages is this: Life is lived from within – out. So, when we pray for some intention, or for guidance, we aren’t doing or saying something to God, hoping for an answer. When we speak words of Truth in prayer, we do not move God or awaken Divine Law. Prayer is not putting things into the mind but releasing power from within the mind. It is the highest experience of living life from within – out.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, gave us the idea that “The only constant in life is change.” Life is ever changing; life is moment-to-moment. Being human, almost by definition, means we will constantly meet up with change and challenges. How we respond to each challenge will determine if the challenge consumes us, or if the challenge becomes a sacred blessing, letting us flow through it, with grace and ease becoming stronger and wiser in the process.

When we equate life with places, jobs, things, or relationships, we tend to block the inner guidance that is attempting to direct us toward a better way. The threat of change should act as a reminder for us to rely on Divine Law, not human logic and reason, for the fulfillment of our lives. We are reminded to let those Divine Ideas bubble up to the surface of our conscious minds, and then take our best action on them.

God in my Source

Discovering the flow of life and the guidance inherent in it is the greatest awakening of consciousness we can achieve, attuning us to Divine Law and opening the channel of God’s Presence to flow from us, smoothing the way before us. As we work from within, out, consciously planting only those idea seeds we want growing in our lives; we realize the most important part of our journey in this life is to rely on the Divine as our Source of all good. That means being in that state of constant awareness of the God essence, the Christ Consciousness, in each person, place and circumstance, absolutely knowing that they are in our lives for a definite purpose, at the right and perfect time.

I invite you this week to pray, reflect, and act on those guidance ideas that bubble to the surface of your mind. And then feel the grace of the Flow of God’s Life in you!