Love Letters

LoveHave you ever received love letters in the mail? Modern communication via Facebook, Twitter and Text just doesn’t compare to the wonderful and delightful experience of opening an envelope and reading the words of love written in the beloved’s own handwriting. In those love letters, the beloved would describe, as eloquently as possible and in as much detail as the mind could express, the deeply held emotions and desires of the heart.

While preparing for an upcoming move, I’ve been practicing an ancient ritual of “clearing.” You know the process – going through cupboards, drawers and closets to clear out anything you haven’t used, worn, or sat upon in the last year (okay, maybe two years,) and then selling, donating, or throwing it out? The idea is about practicing the law of circulation – getting back into useful movement that which has been stuck in the dark recesses of cupboards. Surely someone will appreciate all those Tupperware containers!

Choices, Choices…
In the clearing process, I came across love letters written by several beaus (from a time before I met my husband, Jim.) I delighted in re-reading the expressions of love, the anticipation of passion, the newsy bits about what was going on in their lives at the time. So much promise and potential. Reflecting on those love letters brought to mind the idea of choice. I had so many choices of potential lives in my 20’s. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but I had a universe of opportunity waiting for me to make a choice.

There are many viable theories of multiple universes brought to us by quantum physics. I like to think that each major life choice opens a door to one of those universes. And by our repeated thoughts, words, emotions and actions supporting that choice, we continue to live in that universe. It became very clear to me that depending on the beau, I would have had a very different lifestyle than the one I live currently. And I feel deeply grateful for the life I am living now.

Live by Heart
As we near February, the American Heart Association’s “Heart Month,” I invite you to reflect on your major life choices, with love. By reflecting on those choices with love, we can clear any judgments we hold about them. You might want to hand-write a love letter to yourself, expressing your undying love and gratitude for all the choices you did make. Yes, even those choices that appeared “bad” at the time, because they all brought you to this universe, this moment in time. Write to yourself as a lover would address their beloved – because you are the beloved of God.

Rev. Eileen